Saturday, 14 November 2015

When steam and coal powered vehicles

On Friday morning we got calls from 2 people telling us the steam engine vehicles that were coming to Formerly the Blackball Hilton were almost there. We decided we would walk down and have a look at them. When we got to the Hilton the 2 vehicles were there and their drivers and crew were having lunch. They were happy for us to look around and ask questions. We were even luckier and they gave us a ride around the block in the wagon trailer towed by the traction machine. They go pretty slow and take a lot of coal to power the engines. They both had pretty amazing metal work on them with the old wheels, spokes, axles, engines and pistons. It took one of the vehicles about 1 hour (with a short stop) to get from Stillwater to Blackball (12.4km)

Sammie's Mihi first go at recording

We have been working on our personal Mihi.  Pronounciation is a big part of respecting ourselves when we share our story with others.  We are recording ourselves so we get another perspective of how we look and sound.  With our buddies we decide if we need to practice/change/add anything.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The library is open for story time.

We just got the open flag for our library. This flag will symbolize story time (a time where we read and play games with the pre-schoolers) or if we have the library open on wet or extra hot lunchtimes.