Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sammie's Mihi first go at recording

We have been working on our personal Mihi.  Pronounciation is a big part of respecting ourselves when we share our story with others.  We are recording ourselves so we get another perspective of how we look and sound.  With our buddies we decide if we need to practice/change/add anything.


  1. Sorry! I can watch your video for some reason! But well done Sammie! :-)

  2. Kia Ora Sammie

    I like how you shared it but next time try to speak louder and clearer
    ~_~ From Lakin

  3. kia ora sammie

    i like your mihi i think you need to speak loud and clearer and.i like the way you are brave enough to do it on cammera for everyone to see you do it. ~_~

    1. haha yeah this was ages ago and thought the same after miss j had posted it