Monday, 22 February 2016

Did we make the impossible possible?

We have been looking at the idea of struggle.  Do we think it's good or bad?  What purpose does it have?  Is it like doing an exercise class for your muscles - exercise for the brain muscle?
We looked at this piece of paper and we had to not look at it and try and work out how to make it ourselves.  We only had a piece of paper and scissors.  It was really hard and Miss J said she hadn't cut anything out of the paper and she didn't use glue or sellotape!!!
Our comments changed as we started to struggle.  We started saying things like "oh, yeah we know how to do this",  "yeah I've seen this before", " oh yeah this is easy."  Then we started saying "aaaarrrrgggghhhh", "this is IMPOSSIBLE", "I can't do this!."  Most of us kept going even when it seemed like there was nowhere else to turn and no other solution.  We reminded each other to use our Growth Mindset too.  Let us know if you've tried this problem before : )