Thursday, 31 March 2016

Papatuanuku - The Geology of Blackball

This term we have been working with Mr Maunder (local famous person who writes plays and knows a bit about the history of stuff) on a exhibition for the local Museum.  The theme is PAPATUANUKU - The Geology of Blackball.  Papatuanuku is 'the land', the 'earth mother'.

We have been making models of the plateau that Blackball sits on and investigating the native flora and fauna.
We also had a visit from Mr Gallagher a geologist/science teacher so we could learn more about the creation of the area and what the land and stone is made of.

Writing Poems about Blackball has been another thing we have done.  Some of our poems are below for you to read.

Today we started writing up the information for the panels and making a clay model of Blackball and the surrounding land.

Friday, 18 March 2016

If You Learned Here - Global Project

This is our second year taking part in 'If You Learned Here'.

We totally love making videos of ourselves and all the different things we do at school, and sharing them with our Green cohort buddies around the globe!

Each week we have a different theme/topic and we share our information to teach others about us and we learn about other kids lives in the countries they live in.  The Year 7 & 8's are responsible for us participating in this and they get groups of us each week to help make the videos and add our ideas to the Padlet.

We use Seesaw and Padlet to share.

Check out the other schools in our Green cohort and see what the school life is like in Mexico, USA, South Korea, Egypt, Canada and Thailand.

You can view the map of everyone participating here