Thursday, 31 March 2016

Papatuanuku - The Geology of Blackball

This term we have been working with Mr Maunder (local famous person who writes plays and knows a bit about the history of stuff) on a exhibition for the local Museum.  The theme is PAPATUANUKU - The Geology of Blackball.  Papatuanuku is 'the land', the 'earth mother'.

We have been making models of the plateau that Blackball sits on and investigating the native flora and fauna.
We also had a visit from Mr Gallagher a geologist/science teacher so we could learn more about the creation of the area and what the land and stone is made of.

Writing Poems about Blackball has been another thing we have done.  Some of our poems are below for you to read.

Today we started writing up the information for the panels and making a clay model of Blackball and the surrounding land.


  1. wow you must of have so much fun i love how you guys did team work to dig tat out that must of been tyring

  2. wow that is really cool i wont to do that

  3. wow that is really cool i wont to do that

  4. that is wonderful technology work that you I have ever seen.\
    I hope you come to park estate school.

  5. Hi Room 8,
    You're so lucky to study fossils(And possibly research) and get so see(And maybe touch and dig up) a real one.I wish I could do that in my school.Anyway what place did you go to do that?It looks so cool!Oh and could you tell us some things that you did there?

  6. Kia ora Room 8
    Your poetry shows that you have a strong sense of how words can create pictures in the mind of the reader. I really liked the way there was a variety of backgrounds used behind your text. I also liked the way different authors had set the text out in different ways on the page.

    Learning about your turangawaewae is very important. Understanding the forces that have shaped the geology of the land around you (and underneath you) helps us to see why different groups of people have travelled to live in our part of the world. You have so much coal in the ground near you at Blackball and that coal, as you know, is the remains of plants. Sometimes I have found fossils in pieces of coal!

    Thanks for sharing your learning.

  7. Room 8 your poetry gives the reader a clear idea of what Blackball is like. Some of the lines I really liked are; "The pigeons fly heavily over you as you walk", and "Twisted turned hills come to life".
    The clay model shows the plateau that Blackball sits on and I wonder how many coal tunnels twist and turn under the town.