Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pac-man or Camp-man?

Here's our second game based on the novel HOLES.  It's still being developed because as we use it we come up with more ways it could be improved.  Let us know your ideas and thoughts.  Once again please make a copy before you start to play.


  1. Kia ora Amy, I enjoyed playing your game which is a strategy maze. Maybe next time don't use the arrows to make it more challenging. From Zac:)

  2. Hi Room 8 I really liked your game, was it easy or hard to create ? Visit my blog at

  3. Hello Room Eight my name is Sophie, I am from Paparoa Range in Dobson. I looked at your blog post and it looked like a cool game to play with other people that know how to play the game. This game is a cool game and you could make lots of these. Could you tell us more about how to make a copy of this game?

  4. Hi I'm Crystal from Paparoa Range Dobson site. I like your game it looks really fun to play I think I'm going to enjoy this game.
    I would really like to see a third one of this game.
    How many people can play at once?

  5. Hi Room 8,cool game I have read the book before. Maybe next time you could put more instructions.

  6. Hi Rm 8, cool stuff! I really like watching the trailor of the BFG! Also you could add some stuff to the holes game,and also i'm reading the book!
    from Holly