Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Did we tell you that we went skiing?

Last Wednesday we headed off early to Porter Heights ski field.  Even though it was early everyone was really excited and chatty (some a lot more than others).
We went in the 2 vans (with Miss D and Miss J) and a car (thanks heaps Mrs Lane).
It was an absolutely stunning day on the field!
Once we got ourselves sorted with boots and skis we headed off for a lesson then some of us hit the 'intermediate'/platter and tried to get a bit more finesse with turns and overall control.  This sort of happened in varying degrees for some people.
There were some really fantastic crashes and some skiers were actually pretty graceful about how they lost control and Miss J got quite a few chuckles on the 'sidelines'.  Mr Weavers actually skied almost right across the field to 'join' another ski group and their instructor.  It appeared to be the orange fence that stopped him heading off to the car park : )
Towards the end of the day some skiers were ready to try the real intermediate slope called Easy Street (it's not easy if you're a learner!!!).  Thanks to Miss D and Ray who patiently helped us down the big slope.  A few people were so close to being able to go down Easy Street but just needed a bit of extra time.  Good job to Eilish for giving it a go and to Ray for being such a good skier he could piggy back Eilish down while skiing!
We had such a huge day and finally handed in our gear at 4pm and got ready to head home.
We had Britney in the van with us coming back and she entertained us all with a made-up-on-the-spot story (about Steven).  She started at the Inchbonnie intersection near Rotomanu and Miss J asked her to "make it a to-be-continued story thanks Britney" at Aratika.  And if you look on google maps, that's quite a long way to be making up an entertaining story, so ka wani kē Britney!
Thanks to Rob, Leonie, Ray, Paul, Miss D and Miss J. More photos to come.

Super view from the Beginners field
Taking a quick break from ski practice


  1. aloha Room 8 I am truth students at Owairaka District school and I really love the writing and the image about ski field it made me think room 8 have lots of fun. but you need more image and story what you went. Blog you later
    by Truth