Friday, 2 September 2016

Kirsty's Orca

Kirsty designed, transferred and indented a fish that she later thought looked like an Orca.  What do you think?

Kirsty showed in her design that she worked hard to control her pencil which she used to make the indented outline and detail inside the Orca.  She didn't miss any parts because her outlines are continuous and show up white.


  1. Hi Kirsty, you have used excellent control of your pencil to create your fish. I am really interested in the method you used for your outline and detail. It must have taken a lot of skill to achieve such great results. Now, is it more like a fish or an Orca? Um, I think an Orca.

  2. Hi Kirsty my name is Iutasi from Park Estate school. I really like your'e art that you did because it looks awesome and It looks interesting and the colour is wonderful.But can I tell you a question who tech you how to do it?

    kind regards:Iutasi

  3. Kia ora paparoa range
    I like this art because it is very creative. I think you could write more about this work so the reader know more about what you have been doing.

    Na Matiu

  4. Hello Paparoa Range School, I'm Aryan from Gilberthorpe School.
    Good job on that art it looks really cool!
    Next time check some of your spelling.
    Anyways Blog you later!

  5. Kia Ora
    My name is Sita and I am a year 6 from Gilberthorpe School.
    This looks so cool I really need to try this. I like the detail you put into this it is really interesting. I like how creative you have made this you should make way more! I have a question, how long did it take for you to do this? Wait, I have one more question, are there any other animals you can make?
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    Blog ya later!

  6. Bula Vinaka, my name is Ashrita.
    I am from Gilberthorpe School. You might remember me from your other blog posts but here I am again

    I really like this piece of artwork Kirsty did, she's actually right it does kinda look like a orca. I like how you have a black background for your orca it really brings out the white outlines to the orca.

  7. Hello my name is Andre from Owairakaka School. I think your drawing is really cool and I like your orca with the white outline. Here is the link to my blog h