Monday, 17 October 2016

Kirsty's writing with Popplet and Clicker

Kirsty used to brainstorm ideas in her book, but last term she has been using Popplet to organise and plan her ideas for writing.  After her ideas are ready, she sometimes likes writing them in her book or using Clicker to write her full ideas with joining words.  As you can see Kirsty is getting more confident using it and is adding more ideas.

William's The BFG Slowchat ideas

William has been thinking about the BFG as he reads.  He has also picked his favourite part of the first few chapters to share with you.  This week we are investigating the interesting vocabulary the BFG uses and trying to use clues to interpret it!  What are some of your favourite BFG words?

James' Slowchat BFG ideas

The Year 4's are taking part in the Global Readaloud this term.  They are reading The BFG, and joining in the #bfgslowchat on twitter.  We're also sharing ideas with some other schools in Canada, Australia and the USA.