Monday, 17 October 2016

Kirsty's writing with Popplet and Clicker

Kirsty used to brainstorm ideas in her book, but last term she has been using Popplet to organise and plan her ideas for writing.  After her ideas are ready, she sometimes likes writing them in her book or using Clicker to write her full ideas with joining words.  As you can see Kirsty is getting more confident using it and is adding more ideas.


  1. Great work Kirsty you are making good use of popplet and clicker.

  2. Hi Kristy I used to use Popplet for my planning. It was fun using it Could you write a little neater? So , I can read it properly must have been a nice plan.

    Kind Regards: Johann

  3. Kia ora Kirsty,
    My name is Tania and I am a Manaiakalani Facilitator based in Whangarei. I have the lucky job of reading through class and individual blogs and leaving comments. I like the way you have started using Popplet to organise and plan your ideas for writing. I can see from the photos that you are getting really good at using popplet and really good at working on your ideas. I hope I will see one of your stories on your class blog soon. Thanks for sharing, I am sure you will inspire others with your ideas.
    Nga mihi nui

    1. Kia ora Kirsty,
      I think your story is a little basic but cool. It's a good start to a great story. It reminds me of this movie called robots. Next time you should make sure you spell things properly. I wonder what happened to the bad robot maybe you could make a part two.

      from Rivir

  4. kia ora
    Miharo (Awesome) I liked the way you showed us what you did on your brainstorm and then did the actual writing.This reminds me of when we had to do our writing about our creature and we had to use a website named coggle it was really fun to use.
    Noho mai ra

  5. Kiaora I'm Aryan from Gilberthorpe school.
    I like how she put a lot of effort into this.
    Just write a little neater next time.
    Anyways awesome blog post!

  6. Kia ora Room 8.
    I'm Zoey and I am 9 years old and I go to Gilberthorpe School.
    I like how you are getting more confident.
    Maybe next time you could think of it and then do it and it might make you more confident.
    Did you think of maybe doing some work at home to build confidence?

  7. Hi our names are Elham and Chloe from Gilberthorpe School.
    WE love how you have many friends and how you are increasing with your learning.
    Next time check you spelling.
    blog you later!

  8. Kia ora room 8
    This is a great way to get what you will be writing about and must be really handy.
    This is really cool.

  9. Kia ora I'm Aryan from Gilberthorpe school.
    I love how you put quite a lot of facts in!
    Next time just check your spelling.
    Anyways cya!