Monday, 17 October 2016

William's The BFG Slowchat ideas

William has been thinking about the BFG as he reads.  He has also picked his favourite part of the first few chapters to share with you.  This week we are investigating the interesting vocabulary the BFG uses and trying to use clues to interpret it!  What are some of your favourite BFG words?


  1. Wow William!! I loved watching this video. You spoke really clearly and gave lots of interesting information. I was really impressed with your reading of your favourite part in the book too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi my name is Sonny and I am at gilberthorpe school I like your words you use.
    I well catch later.

  3. Kia ora i'm Chloe
    I go to Gilberthorpe school and i'm a year 6 student I love how you read this book you must really love book's I love books to.As you are specking I can get a good picture in my head of what is happening.Maybe next time you can read one of your other favorite book.Iv got one question.What is your second favorite book.

  4. Hello William.
    I am Chelsea from Gilberthorpe.
    This is good to see you are learning something.
    Next time say how you falte.
    Keep this up.

  5. Hi William!
    I go to Owairaka School and I'm 10yrso (Y6).
    The BFG is such a good book, isn't it!
    What's your favourite Roald Dahl book?
    Mine is Going Solo. How are you enjoying it? Have you finished it yet?
    Feel free to come to my blog @
    Thanks, Lukas.M

  6. nice ideas why don't you add some more ideas