Monday, 15 May 2017

Kendell Writing - Discussion

In Term 1 we were learning how to craft a discussion about the pros and cons of two ideas.
We used a template to help us organise and write our ideas.
We worked on smaller parts each day then at the end we took our writing out of the boxes and WOW! We were amazed by what we had written.
We had to have 1 topic idea per paragraph; state if it was a pro or con; join ideas with and OR so; and explain our point using 'because'.
Here is Kendell's work comparing to her asttle from the start of the year.

Kendell asttle writing start of year - (Independent)

It good  if  you are  not fiting   decause   if  you are fiting   it  not  that  rog  and  if  you  are playfiting it is ok …   if  you  are  fiting  it,s  not  good  deacuse   if you   get  rele  hort  the  blad  insid  you  will  blad  iawt  sid  and  will diy.  If  you  get  puch  in the  fas  you  will  diy .

Kendell 1st Guided writing

What are the best  shoes for   walking in  summer, jandals or sneakers?

Both sneakers and  Jandals  Are All   right     foot wear.  there  are  good  and bad  aspects  to both of these Types  of  foot   wear.  I will discuss the pros and cons of  wearing either jandals or sneakers.

Primarily jandals are  Great  For  Walking  on  The   beach  because  they Can  Get  wet and  they  don't trap  sand in them.  Furthermore jandals are good for using in muddy puddles because they can be cleaned easily.  However jandals are not great  for  running  in and  hold  because When your  walking you can slip because they only have 2 straps to hold you feet in and they are soft and rubbery.

Primarily Sneakers are good for running in or when you have sports Because… In addition sneakers are Good For Walking in because sneakere have laces and hold your foot in properly.  However Sneakers are Not good On The  beach  because They Get Soaking Wet and the sand get s stuck in them and rubs your feet and makes cuts.

In conclusion jandals are a better shoe to wear at the beach then sneakers because its ok if they can get wet and you just rinse the sand out   You can get them on and off really easy too. Sneakers get wet and are uncomfortable when the sand rubs on your skin.  But sneakers protect your feet and are good for sports becasue they hold you feet in good and have strong soles.

Kendell 1st post writing (independent)

What’s The best pets, cats or dog?

People all over the world have cats and dogs as pets.  Some people like Cats more and some people  like Dog.  I will discuss.  The pros and cons of having a cat or dog as a pet.

Primarily Cats are good at catching mice because if you have food in your  cupboards the mice will eat it but if you have cats its good so mice will not be around to eat it.  Furthermore cats are    good  at  climbing trees because they have cloers to spike in trees. so they can sit up there with you if you clib trees.  However ...

Primarily dog are good at boeing kman's from it ona. In addition dogs can become Haner because by practicing and Hunting ...and they get better and  Better at it.  Although some dogs are not good pets because they bitt people usually on the ami and it can be serious.

In conclusion dog are not good because they are probably going to bitt people on the ami. But I think Dogs are good because they  can be trained to be a good Dog. Cats are good at killing rats and mice because they have shape claws.  So you won’t have them running around your house.  

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  1. Amazing, Kendell. I can see the effort that you have put in your writing. You have included lots of details to add information about the pros and cons of ideas. Ka pai, Kendell.