Monday, 15 May 2017

My School Minecraft Rollercoaster Activity

I was learning about Design process, creating to a brief and creating from a design.

I chose to create the Ultimate Rollercoaster.  It's a bit of a trick ending because the cart returns the way it came and I have some really tight turns.  The G-force may be slightly heavy there.

I will add a copy of my design for you to compare.  Mine was like Kurt's and our older computers wouldn't do screencastify or some other options we tried out so we videoed it normally.


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  1. Hello Ruma Waru class, Milan from Gilberthorpe School here!!
    I thought this was really cool and I loved the song. I have a question for you how long did it take to make this rollercoaster and what was the first thing that you started with for this rollercoaster.Plus what material did you use for this. I love it and I will try it at home. Catch you later bye!!!