Friday, 26 May 2017

Poetic Writing - Year 4&5 - James

We have been learning how to take our ideas and simple sentences and craft them into great poetic writing.
Year 4-5
We will turn our 7 sentences into a poem
We will be successful if we use:

  • parts of speech (adverbs and adjectives)
  • Alliteration (dark, dusty, dirt or Sitting on sparkly soil)
  • at least one simile (like a stick insect or like a weak crumbling old post)
  • at least 1 onomatopoeia (swoosh, swish, buuuuzzzz, pft or whooooo)
We work together if we need help choosing the best place to break a line for effect

James has really enjoyed finding synonyms for simple words he thought of first.   What do you picture when you read James's poem?

I am jaggy, colossal yet also incisive
Moss looks like jade
I’m exterior to the school boundary
I’m solitary
My hair goes wht-eesh like a whip
I am stalled here in one discolouration
Aloof like an inattentive bore


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