Friday, 26 May 2017

Poetic Writing - Year 4&5 - Nikolai

LI: to turn our 7 sentences into our Poem
We will be successful if we use:
  • parts of speech (adverbs and adjectives)
  • Alliteration (dark, dusty, dirt or Sitting on sparkly soil)
  • at least one simile (like a stick insect or like a weak crumbling old post)
  • at least 1 onomatopoeia (swoosh, swish, buuuuzzzz, pft or whooooo)

We work together if we need help choosing the best place to break a line for effect.

5000 years old
The tree was dark brown like dark chocolate
The trunk is rough like a brick

It twists and spreads out and attaches to another tree

The leaves are sparkly,

bright green

The tall, towering  tree is is rock hard

The  bees buzzzzz   in  the  leaves


1 comment:

  1. kia ora
    Ruma waru i like the way that you made a poem that has a color of something the same good job that is awesome poem you did. from Rodeshar.