Friday, 26 May 2017

Poetic Writing - Year 6-8 - Jessica


  1. Kia Ora Jessica
    nice work on your poems it is so cool hope you had fun doing that cause that is awesome Na Rodeshar

  2. Kia ora, My name is Jasmine I'm from Gilberthorpe School in Christchurch.
    This is a really awesome poem you used lots of existing words for your poem it wanted me to be like get reading you wanted your reader to have a picture in there head and I did.
    What made you think of doing this and why?
    Nice recording maybe next time stay still it was a little hard to hear you.

  3. Kia Orana Jessica Safiyya from Gilberthorpe School here!
    That poem is soooo cool!
    Maybe next time you could put the poem up so we could read it at the same time.
    Aere ra.