Monday, 15 May 2017

Zac's Writing - Discussion

In Term 1 we were learning how to craft a discussion about the pros and cons of two ideas.
We used a template to help us organise and write our ideas.
We worked on smaller parts each day then at the end we took our writing out of the boxes and WOW! We were amazed by what we had written.
We had to have 1 topic idea per paragraph; state if it was a pro or con; join ideas with and OR so; and explain our point using 'because'.
Here is Zac and Kendell's work comparing to their asttle at the start of the year.

Asttle writing start of year - (Independent)

First guided writing

What are the best shoes to wear in summer, Jandals or Sneakers?

Both sneakers and jandals are alright footwear. There are good and bad thing to both of these types of footwear. I will discuss the pro’s and con’s of wearing either of these shoes in summer.

Primarily jandals are great  at the beach because you can get your feet wet and don’t trap sand.  Furthermore jandals are easy to get on because they do not have laces.  However jandals are horrible for tramping because they will fall off because they only have two straps.

Primarily Sneakers are good for running in because they have good grip for if you slip.  In addition Sneakers are good for stopping snubbed toes because they fully protect your feet.   However sneakers are horrible for wearing at the beach because they fill up with sand and it is hard to get it out.

In conclusion sneakers are good for tramping in because they have good grip and support, and jandals are great for at the beach because you can get your feet wet and they don’t trap sand and they are easy to get on.

First independent writing (still finishing)

What’s best pet, cats or dog?

People all over the world have cats and dogs as pets. Some people like cats and some people like dogs.  I will discuss the pros and cons of having a cat or a dog.

Primarily cats are good because they are snuggly and they are great to sleep with.  Furthermore cats are great because they are very little, and cats can climb trees. However cats can be terrible pets because they spray all over the hals and it sticks

Primarily dogs are gaet because if you throw a stick the dog cod go and get it and bring it back. In addition dogs are great because they listen to you if you train them well.  Although dogs can be terbil pets because they sticking so

In conclusion cats are good pets to have  because they are little and snuggly. Dogs are great because they follow you.

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