Friday, 23 June 2017

We want your ideas!

Hi everyone, as you can see in our post below, we have some of our classmates heading off to compete at the National AgriKids grand final.

We want your help to make a chant to record or poster we can send up with them to remind them we're right behind them all the way : )

Comment with your ideas!

thanks for the image

Ahhh, the good ol' Rural Life

All the best to our classmates and friends Kurt, Emily and Jess, who are going to compete in the New Zealand Young Farmers Agri Kids Grand Final in the Manawatu from July 6-8.
The article is on page 8,

We're sure we can come up with a 'mini-milkers' chant before you go!

Matariki Celebration and Hangi...oh, and it was the Winter Solstice.

On Wednesday we celebrated Matariki with our whanau.  We spent the day preparing kai and then while the Hangi cooked we did some research about Matariki, did some weaving, made poi, honored ancestors and people who have passed on and shared waiata with our whanau.
What did you do for Matariki?  Did you know it was the Winter Solstice on Wednesday as well?

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Poetic Writing - Year 4&5 - Zac

We have been learning how to take our ideas and simple sentences and craft them into great poetic writing.
Year 4-5
We will turn our 7 sentences into a poem
We will be successful if we use:

  • parts of speech (adverbs and adjectives)
  • Alliteration (dark, dusty, dirt or Sitting on sparkly soil)
  • at least one simile (like a stick insect or like a weak crumbling old post)
  • at least 1 onomatopoeia (swoosh, swish, buuuuzzzz, pft or whooooo)
We work together if we need help choosing the best place to break a line for effect
Zac upgraded his Simile about moss being like ants to a Metaphor - can you spot it?