Thursday, 31 August 2017

Finish this...auahatanga

Every morning in Ruma Waru we do some sort of whaiwhakaaro to show and develop our auahatanga. 
We thought this one was quite good.  We start with some lines on the page and we have to finish what it could be.
Here are some of our ideas.  What would yours be?


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Week of Inspirational Maths - Youcubed & Jo Boaler

Today we tried out the second idea from Jo Boaler's/Youcubed Week of Inspirational Maths
It wasn't Game of Thrones, but Game of Totals!  And fortunately for us Winter was not we had time to think about the problem and how we could get ourselves into a winning position. Challenging a buddy to get to 25 first, taking turns to choose a number [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6].
We looked at the combinations of numbers and if people won when they started or if they could win when the other person started.
We had some great competitions going when people realised they could think ahead about the numbers they chose and the possible combinations it would leave their opponent.
More to come...

Monday, 28 August 2017

Mini Milkers Update - Agrikids National Finals - Feilding Young Farmer competition 2017

Remember last term we told you about some of our classmates that had qualified for the National Agri-kids Competition held at the Young Farmer Nationals in the North Island?
Well they didn't get a top 3 placing, but they learnt heaps of new things and really had their skills tested to help them solve new problems they hadn't come across before.  Mini milkers officially came 14th out of 22 teams, which we think is pretty amazing!
Here's just some of the challenges we had to tackle:

  1. Completing and exam about agriculture
  2. Writing an essay on agriculture
  3. Grading sheep wool
  4. Working out sheep breeds
  5. Drafting and drenching sheep
  6. Starting a tractor and fixing problems with a tractor and using equipment on a tractor
  7. Making irrigation system
  8. Taking and testing soil samples
  9. Working out crops seeds and which to plant
  10. Sorting and planting native plants


He was a poet and he didn't even knowit

Wow! Totally exciting and really cool that two students in our class, Jack and Quinn won with their poetry at the Poetry Competition held last week at the Greymouth District Library.  There were heaps of different poetry competitions all over the show as it was Poetry Day on Friday 25th August.  There were about 100 entries just at the Greymouth Library.

Jack won the 8-13 years category with 'This Tree' and Quinn was Highly Commended in the up to 8 years category with 'Leaves'.

Jack won a $35 Paper Plus voucher!  Big thanks to the great staff at the Library for organising this event and Paper Plus for being a sponsor.

We all entered a piece of our poetry and everyone got good comments back and the judges enjoyed reading them.

We have all posted poetry on our own blogs, but you can read Jack and Quinn's poems below.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Our stay at Tūhuru Marae - Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Waewae - Part 1

On Tuesday morning we set off for Arahura for our visit and stay at the Marae up above the river. We were all really excited about staying and we would be meeting Kumara school there too.
When we arrived it was time to get ready for our powhiri.  We are manuhiri and we wait for the tangata whenua to welcome us across the ātea into the wharenui.Taua Jo was the kaikaranga. We took our shoes off before going into the wharenui.For some of us it was the first time we have been part of a powhiri or done hongi.  After kai we went in two groups and learnt more about the whakapapa and kōrero o mua.

Two years ago our class performed the story of Tamaahua, Waitaiki and Poutini so it was quite cool when Taua Jo told the story about the ama, tekoteko and koruru of her marae- they were Tamaahua at the top (pounamu) and Waitaiki on the left (looking at the marae) and Poutini on the right.  
We also found out that just over the Paparoa range at the back of our school there was a war where Ngāti Waewae defeated Ngāti Wairangi and Tuhuru the warrior chief took his tribe and built their 
After lunch the younger kids headed back home and the older kids who were staying over went to the awa (Arahura) to learn more about the connection with Pounamu and to see if we could find any - it's elusive and Matua T and Taua Jo told us that many kaumatua living down at the Pa haven't found any or only tiny pieces.  If you find your first pounamu tikanga says you give it away to someone special to you.

Net and Wall Games - Volleyball

WALA: the commonalities of body movements and skills required for net and wall games

For a start we are looking at Volleyball.  We shared our own ideas and looked at some pro's working the court.

  • We noticed that they use their hands and arms to create things like a bat and a racquet shape for hitting the ball.
  • We thought we'd try the 'bat' shape first and use the nice smooth follow through movement we would use for cricket.
  • We also thought it would be important to have a solid lock mechanism for our hands to support our arm position.
  • We also know that hand-eye coordination is essential to help our eyes and brain send the right messages to our arms and hands

Here's Elliot demonstrating his hand-eye coordination, hand/arm position, and his smooth follow through arm movement.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Porter Heights Ski Trip 2017

Last week we headed up to Porters Ski field again for our Ski Day for Year 7 & 8's.  We went in the two vans and a couple of cars.

We were away pretty much before 6.45am and it was fairly quiet when we got to the ski field, although the car park was quite full and we had to park near the edge of the big carpark - bit scary!  Grey High were just in front of us on the road up there. (they stayed for 3 days).
Some of us went straight up the top of the field with Ray and just skied up there the whole day.  Later when Miss D came up on her snowboard we had a couple of races and Sophie R beat Miss D too by the way.

Most of the others were getting a Beginners lesson at the Magic Carpet and 1 or 2 were practicing on the Poma slope before they got an Intermediate lesson at 12pm.

Everyone did really well with the skills and confidence that you need to get before you can do ok on the Poma slope.  Hardly anyone gave up and it really paid off for people like Alex, Aiden, Emily, Caitlyn and Sami.  Probably next time they will all be ready to head up the Chairlift and ski down Easy Street.

The views up the top of the field were really awesome and you can see out to a lake down the back of that mountain range that Porters on part of.  Hopefully next year more of us will be up there getting better and more confident on the snow!

Check out our other photos of the day!
Sophie, Jess and Will up the top

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How we ended the term - a trip to Shantytown and climbing a mountain

We packed quite a few things into our last week at school!
On Monday we went to Marsden Valley School at Shantytown and learnt more about Matariki.
We shared some stories and looked at Moa bones in the whare then we headed off to make our own Matariki clusters.

We tried out all the Victorian era games that kids would have played back then.

We finished up by planting our own native plant in the forest around the old School.

The X-Ray Art Challenge - Norval Morrisseau

We got a tweet from one of our Canadian Class buddies asking if we would be up for a challenge of learning about an artist called Norval Morrisseau or producing our own art in this style. Let us know what your think, and maybe you could try your own.