Monday, 28 August 2017

Mini Milkers Update - Agrikids National Finals - Feilding Young Farmer competition 2017

Remember last term we told you about some of our classmates that had qualified for the National Agri-kids Competition held at the Young Farmer Nationals in the North Island?
Well they didn't get a top 3 placing, but they learnt heaps of new things and really had their skills tested to help them solve new problems they hadn't come across before.  Mini milkers officially came 14th out of 22 teams, which we think is pretty amazing!
Here's just some of the challenges we had to tackle:

  1. Completing and exam about agriculture
  2. Writing an essay on agriculture
  3. Grading sheep wool
  4. Working out sheep breeds
  5. Drafting and drenching sheep
  6. Starting a tractor and fixing problems with a tractor and using equipment on a tractor
  7. Making irrigation system
  8. Taking and testing soil samples
  9. Working out crops seeds and which to plant
  10. Sorting and planting native plants


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