Thursday, 24 August 2017

Net and Wall Games - Volleyball

WALA: the commonalities of body movements and skills required for net and wall games

For a start we are looking at Volleyball.  We shared our own ideas and looked at some pro's working the court.

  • We noticed that they use their hands and arms to create things like a bat and a racquet shape for hitting the ball.
  • We thought we'd try the 'bat' shape first and use the nice smooth follow through movement we would use for cricket.
  • We also thought it would be important to have a solid lock mechanism for our hands to support our arm position.
  • We also know that hand-eye coordination is essential to help our eyes and brain send the right messages to our arms and hands

Here's Elliot demonstrating his hand-eye coordination, hand/arm position, and his smooth follow through arm movement.


  1. Hi there,
    Those are some really awesome tips on Volleyball! I was just wondering if there was any other tiny tips on Volleyball? Maybe next time you can test out Basketball and tell us some tips about that.
    From Dwayne, Owairaka School.

  2. Hi, My name is Muddassir I really Like your volleyball rules. Very sporty. Makes me think of the old days when I used to play volleyball. I love volleyball its a really good sporty game. Very good for fitness or PE. How often do you play volleyball? By Muddassir also check out my blog

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  4. hi muddassir i'm Elliot and I love sports. I play league and rugby. rugbys finished and 1 more game of league called 9 - a - side. hope I win.