Thursday, 24 August 2017

Our stay at Tūhuru Marae - Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Waewae - Part 1

On Tuesday morning we set off for Arahura for our visit and stay at the Marae up above the river. We were all really excited about staying and we would be meeting Kumara school there too.
When we arrived it was time to get ready for our powhiri.  We are manuhiri and we wait for the tangata whenua to welcome us across the ātea into the wharenui.Taua Jo was the kaikaranga. We took our shoes off before going into the wharenui.For some of us it was the first time we have been part of a powhiri or done hongi.  After kai we went in two groups and learnt more about the whakapapa and kōrero o mua.

Two years ago our class performed the story of Tamaahua, Waitaiki and Poutini so it was quite cool when Taua Jo told the story about the ama, tekoteko and koruru of her marae- they were Tamaahua at the top (pounamu) and Waitaiki on the left (looking at the marae) and Poutini on the right.  
We also found out that just over the Paparoa range at the back of our school there was a war where Ngāti Waewae defeated Ngāti Wairangi and Tuhuru the warrior chief took his tribe and built their 
After lunch the younger kids headed back home and the older kids who were staying over went to the awa (Arahura) to learn more about the connection with Pounamu and to see if we could find any - it's elusive and Matua T and Taua Jo told us that many kaumatua living down at the Pa haven't found any or only tiny pieces.  If you find your first pounamu tikanga says you give it away to someone special to you.


  1. Kia Ora Ruma Waru!
    Wowww I love this place this is my Marae! Its so cool. What other things did you guys do there?

    Did you enjoy it? I hope you did.
    Na Ella

  2. I like a lot thank you for replying. i liked the food, the marshmallows, and the house.

  3. Thanks Ella we did stargayzing and we talked to the river and looked for pounamu.
    I learned to smooth a rock down.
    It was great fun.

  4. that really cool as you can see me in the left side simeon i liked the food and my sleep

  5. hi i liked the trip to the beach and i liked the food and the marshmallows thank you for letting as stay
    by alex

  6. Kia ora wow did you learn lots of things there
    I bet you had lots of fun at the marae
    what did you do there?
    well I will get back to you well bye now...

  7. Kia Ora, my name is Sydney and I am a student in Rm23 at Owairaka District School. I really like how you guys took cool pictures of the whare house. It made me think of going there for a trip. If you want to go to my blog, go to

    log ya later!