Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Week of Inspirational Maths - Youcubed & Jo Boaler

Today we tried out the second idea from Jo Boaler's/Youcubed Week of Inspirational Maths
It wasn't Game of Thrones, but Game of Totals!  And fortunately for us Winter was not coming...so we had time to think about the problem and how we could get ourselves into a winning position. Challenging a buddy to get to 25 first, taking turns to choose a number [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6].
We looked at the combinations of numbers and if people won when they started or if they could win when the other person started.
We had some great competitions going when people realised they could think ahead about the numbers they chose and the possible combinations it would leave their opponent.
More to come...


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  2. Great to see that you are using logic to support your thinking in mathematics. I can't wait to see what generalisations and conclusions you can make.

  3. I really like the youcubed maths site too. Have you tried the game where you need to get as close as you can to 100 and roll the dice?

  4. Kia Ora ruma waru well you guys look busy with your stuff
    are you guys doing math or just teaching people to do well in school.
    you guys look like you have passion for that Na Rodeshar

  5. Hi guys this is so COOL I love it you must be good at maths I love the way you Explained it like you use full stops and stuff like that bye for now na royal