Sunday, 3 December 2017

Beeswax Part 2

Here's some more action from our Beeswax wrap making day.

Beeswax Wraps

Last week Miriam from Hokitika called into give us a hand to start making our own beeswax wraps.
We've been looking at the Future of Food, how we use it and how we store and preserve it. 
We try and do things in a helpful way for the earth, so we thought if we can cut back on the Glad Wrap and plastic packaging it would be a good thing too.

We trialled two ways:
1. melt beeswax and paint it onto your cloth then bake for a bit in the oven (in tray lined with tinfoil)
2. grate the beeswax and sprinkle it over your fabric then iron (between 2 sheets of non greasy baking paper)

They both had some pros and cons, but seem to be doing an equally effective job with the food wrapping. 
Everyone made at least 2 to take home and we've been using them in our lunchboxes : )
Here's Kelan and his cool pack of 4.