Friday, 23 March 2018

Some more stories from Year 4's

We're learning to craft a story that is descriptive and gives a picture in the mind of the person reading. . . .

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

*Blog of the Week*

This weeks BLOG OF THE WEEK is Caitlyn. Caitlyn uses her work time successfully and can manage herself to complete work to a high standard and get it posted on her blog. You're a great example of a Senior student Caitlyn 👍

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Blog of the Week (last week actually)

Our blog of the week is REBECCA!
Rebecca is a Year 4 and has just started in Ruma Waru this year.  She is learning so many things to help her be in a 1:1 digital class with her own chromebook for learning.  Rebecca managed herself and got the jobs done she needed to so she could share work on her blog.  She has her background picked, photo and About me done plus her learning about writing.

Google Draw when you progress past stick figures

The seniors have been challenging themselves to create work that sets them apart from anyone in Ruma Waru who is not a Year 7 or 8 (everyone else). We looked at visual work we produce using GAFE and played around with ways we can use the tools in Google Draw in a more sophisticated way. We choose an image we quite liked and set about trying to re-create it with as much authenticity as possilbe using Google Draw. Here's our results (still working on them). Let us know if you've tried this before or if you have any other ideas that can help us.

Our creative mornings

One of our School Values is Creativity - we use it to help us think about problems a different way, try things again, accept others ideas, and share ideas with others for a better solution.
In the mornings the Senior students (Year 6-8) have time to get some creative ideas flowing and we share them back with comments and presentations.  We really liked Regan's idea for the week 8 'What are they thinking in their head?'  Regan's idea was classic Lionel Ritchie.
Here is some of the things we do and then a slide of our work.
Let us know if you try any of these in your class, or what you do to start the day.

Oh my! Is it week 8 already?

We've been fairly busy in our class, helping new Year 4 students learn how we do things in Ruma Waru.  We're all getting lots of practice at tolerance.

Year 4's have been learning how to use devices for the first time and we've been using all the GAFE.  Year 4's have also been learning that good writing can take time and we can go back and improve our work and our buddies can have ideas that help us.
We used google slides to present our Description writing and illustrations.  We then went and read them to the Juniors in Room 7 and got their feedback as the audience for our stories.

Here are a few for you to read.