Thursday, 14 June 2018

Rock climbing with Tai Poutini Polytech

Last week we headed off to Punakaiki with TPP students doing Outdoor Recreation.  We get to go with them for their practice with Clients days.
It was an awesome spot for Rock Climbing.  Some of us had done it before last year at Charleston but some of us hadn't done any before.  We climbed pretty hard out for the whole day and there were a few sore muscles the next day.  The next day we watched this video about Alex Honnold the American climber who Free soloed up El Capitain, and we were like Oh Wow!  We had these big holes and we felt like we didn't have a good grip then you see him and he's just got his finger tips in this tiny wee dent in the rock face!!! AMAZING!  A HUGE THANKS to TPP as well!

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